Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Squid - caching Proxy

Easy Installation guide for Squid caching Proxy

#yum -y install squid
(or #apt-get install squid)

locate squid files
#locate squid

open the squid configuration file
# vi /etc/squid/squid.conf

Read through the squid.conf file and uncomment necessary options that you may need
Here are the changes that you needed to do on squid.conf

acl our_network src # creating access list
http_access allow our_network # allowing your private network for the proxy
http_access allow localhost
http_access deny all #denying all other

http_port 3128 #define proxy listening port

# define caching peer
#cache_peer hostname type proxy_port
cache_peer parent 3128

#caching memory size
cache_mem 50 MB

#define cache dir
cache_dir ufs /var/spool/squid 100 16 256

#define the access log file
access_log /var/log/squid/access.log squid

#------------------ EOF (squid.conf) --------------------

for advance squid configtations visit

building the caching directory

# /usr/sbin/squid -z

add these line to .bashrc
[root@localhost ~]# vi .bashrc

alias squidup='/usr/sbin/squid -ND &'
alias squiddown='/usr/sbin/squid -k kill'
alias squidaclog='tail -f /var/log/squid/access.log'

Thats all .. (dont forget to configure your browser for the proxy)

start squid

shutdown squid

Realtime access monitoring

Monday, January 7, 2008

Fedora Core 8 : No sounds with Firefox

I recently installed FC8 and came up with the problem while trying to play flash video ( youtube / metacafe / vidzone ) with Firefox . The problem was not playing the sound while playing the video and also no problem with sounds in mplayer, amarok or totem. the i tried to find a solution from forums and noticed that this was a common problem with many FC and Ubuntu users.

finally i came up with a solution that worked well.

1. Remove the previously installed libflashsupport
#yum remove libflashsupport

2. remove previously installed flash-plugin
#yum remove flash-plugin

3. download and install only flash-plugin- from
# rpm -Uhv flash-plugin-

thats all.

I suggest that anyone having this problem to go through this before going to solutions like alsa-oss solutions .

if this doesn't work try out this thread from fedoraforum